Welcome! My name is Lissette Vergara, I am a teacher leader and UFT Teacher Center Instructional Coach with a passion for education that supports the whole child, helping them grow into contemporary global citizens with the intrinsic motivation to learn. My educational philosophy has been a lifelong development. As a Spanish-speaking first-generation Latinx-American, my passion for learning developed as I saw my mother picked up cans to get through college; today, she is a doctor. Through this lens, every student, with no exceptions, deserves a high-quality education that not only develops their academic abilities but also supports their social and emotional growth. It is necessary to create an inclusive, culturally responsive classroom environment that builds students' sense of community. As a teacher, I have remained committed to the NYC community schools that have made me a lifelong learner, where I have gained valuable experience in creating engaging and meaningful lesson plans that cater to the diverse needs of my students. 

As a Teacher Center Coach, I have the pleasure of working with the best educators in the world, NYC public school teachers. My work includes the following: