Instructional Planning

Cross-curricular Unit Plan

Grade 6 Fantasy Writing Unit Plan.docx.pdf

Corresponding Student Work Samples

Below you will find student work samples from our fantasy unit. This unit was implemented in a general education and ICT classroom with modifications for each student. Students demonstrated their knowledge in ways that aligned with their individualized educational needs. 

Student A

Genius and hilarious nuerodivergent young man  with an IEP and dreams to become a professional gamer.

Student B

Empathetic and talented second year MLL with the dreams of becoming a professional singer.

Student C

Exemplary and kind young lady reading two grades above reading level with dreams of becoming a doctor.

Meeting Notes for October 2022

Instructional Team Lead

As a 6th grade English Language Arts team lead, I established and maintained team norms, agendas, and planning materials and guided our team through student work analysis protocols. Teacher teams across our school community then implemented these norms. I established a gradual release of responsibility and gradually encouraged other team members to take turns as meeting leads. Attached is a sample of a meeting agenda and notes.

Peer Collaborative Teacher:

 ICT Class Growth Data

Homeroom 605 (ICT) State Exam Score Growth (1).pdf

As Peer Collaborative Teacher during the 2022-2023 school year, I was a 6th grade English Language Arts teacher in an ICT setting.  My co-teacher and I met regularly as a partnership and with our grade level team in order to implement high leverage research and data based instructional moves within our classroom. Our commitment to our student's holistic growth was evident through their socio-emotional growth on the DESSA Assessment and well as the state exam scores.  We also prioritized parental involvement throughout the school year by sending weekly curriculum update emails to families, inviting families to participate in writing celebrations, feedback that included opportunities for families to get involved (per parental suggestion), and consistent phone calls home. 

The incorporation of:

Led to great success in our classroom and allowed us to invite others in to view best practices within our school community. 

This line graph shows the state exam growth data for this class. The class had 18 students total. For a majority of the school year the class consisted of 9 students with IEPs and 9 General Education students. 1 of the students in the class was an ENL student in his first year in NYC. Out of the 18 students there is currently data available for 12 students (4 students were discharged and 2 opted out of the state exam).  Out of the 11 students represented, 6 are students with an IEP, and two have displayed chronic absenteeism.  

You will notice that 100% of the students represented in the data experienced an increase on the state exam. The average increase was of 30%. 

Instructional Technology Platforms 

Instructional Grants Received

Grant writing is an area that I would like to explore more. I want to join or create a team of educators to maximize the resources brought into our school community. On the "school-wide initiatives" page, you can see various examples of my crowdfunding efforts. I want to use this skill to cast out a wider net of resources that will lead to optimal stakeholder holistic growth.